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The Foundation of Feng Shui

As a Student of the Famous Feng Shui Teacher " John Sandifer", I where fortunate to learn from the best of teachers in the UK. Feng Shui within the home and office is the foundation of success, prosperity, wealth, health, love and peace. The way we life is the way we work, the way we view relationships, partnerships and our finances. The home and the office are the key to your success in all areas of your life.


Feng Shui is about balance and the corners of the house or office. Balance within the house/office is key. During the consultation the space is observed in total. The corners will show us either lack or abundance. Décor and decorations can lead to downfall if placed in the wrong corner of the home or office  

“Feng Shui is about balance – harmony and creating a space of peace and calmness"

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Our Commitment

I use a Chinese not Western Compass to ensure accuracy. I will move and add ornament to create flow.  We work with the direction of the house or office and see what energies will influence the space. I will also sage out home and provide spiritual home and office clearing to ensure all energies are supportive. This will create a peace and calmness within the and home and office. Crystals are used as anchors and support structures often seen as decoration. It is all about establishing a support unit.

Everyone is unique and every business is unique. I take 1-2 days for a full Feng Shui session. I travel to many destinations to support people to create amazing supportive and successful living pace and work space.

"Create Wealth, Create a space for love – "the hub" and Create a space for business and children - Learn How to balance the energy"

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Service We Provide

  1. Full Consultation with the observation of direction of Energy and Elements.

  2. View Corners - inside/outside of home or office.

  3. Move and Add Ornaments.

  4. Add Crystals.

  5. Create Heart Area.

  6. Sage Home and Burn out energetic energies.

  7. Meditate to bring in healing energy

  8. View Birth dates to create Harmony.

  9. Create Intention every 3 months 

  10. Create an energetic Grid for Support, Wealth, Success and Love

Home is sacred and the energy we infuse with our business all roots back to our businesses and the creation of wealth, health and success. Home needs to be stable to help us to be stable and create a solid foundation. A home is love and if love and peace is not felt it means the energy is not supportive.

Feng Shui is a way of Life. You need to have a space of support to create your goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Charmaine has 12 years’ experience in Feng Shui and has helped all her client to create a space of peace and harmony. She teaches people how to create a wealth corner, success and fame corner. She gives you all the keys to create the perfect foundation.


She loves infusing love and energy to home and offices. Just as we need love, so does our home and office. Love is the creation of all. It is the energy of people that creates either a positive or negative connection to a home or business. She will guide,show and teach you the everything you need to know.


Transform your home and bring harmony into you life, relationships and business. Success is easy - just learn how to create harmony.

 Life in Harmony - Life in Peace - Attract Love, Wealth and Success

Change your life today!

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