Chinese Herbal Tea - Formula - Free £50 Chinese Herbal Kettle


Why do I love creating Unique Formulations? 


Every time I see a client for a consultation it becomes a magical experience. Every person is so unique, so beautiful and so different. You see formulation is just not based on the beauty of the herbs but also the what the body shows, the story that is told and the flow of the blood and qi in the pulse. The tongue becomes a book we read. All of this to create a magical formulation, made with love to start your healing process to take care of yourself.


Self-love is the biggest part of the journey in this lifetime. Let me help you to make the right choices, to guide you and support you, body, mind, soul and spirit.


I will teach you all about health, how to meditate, teach you to eat foods which supports your body constitution. 


Let me be your guide – to show you who you truly are – I will hold your hand every step of the way!

Chinese Herbal Tea - 15 Bags - 30 Days -

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  • 15 bags of Traditional Chinese Medicine