In order to be magnetic and to create success we need a healthy magnetic field. Many people complain of lethargy and struggle with total melt downs without realising that their energy field needs restoration.


What are the benefits?
• Psychic protection and healing
• Clear all the trauma and stored emotions
• Feel energetic and rejuvenated
• Ground the energy body, energy and Chakras – (base on creation center)
• Chakras are cleared and restored to original base
• Cocooned with love and a sense of self love
• Inner peace and calmness
• Release sadness and grief
• Creativity, clarity and positive energy and feeling
• Program on a cellular level and raises your vibration
• Release from bondage and ties to family friend and people in your 

   personal space.

In order to maintain and enhance this experience you also receive an energy bracelet to maintain your energy field and your emotional mind.


What you you willl receive:

  • 15 minute Consultation to discuss health, emotions and blockages and negative self destruction patterns

  • 30 minute Crystal infused magnetic field elixir bath with calming music. This is full body, face and hair! Yes, this means hair needs to be washed too! Why you my ask? They keep wisdom, knowledge but they also store all experiences, good or bad!

  • 30 Crystal bed session with guided meditation - realign and balance the chakras' and energetic field 

  • 20 minutes to change, dry hair ( make-up)

  • 10 minutes after care consultation

  • A charged magnetic field crystal bracelet to help you maintain the energy.

  • Love, guidance and support after each session!

  • Elixir Crystal Infused Herbal Tea

  • Suprice Gift

Duration  : 2 h




Elixir Bio Magnetic Field Bath with Crystal Meditation Session

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