Meditation Course - 7weeks - 7 sessions


I have created an amazing 7 weeks course of meditation sessions to enhance the body, mind and soul. I start from a begginers level to more advanced. I take all the chakras in consideration and work deeply with deep seated emotions, trauma and neural - pathway habits. 


Meditation : Helping relieve stress, anxiety and other isses

                  :Science shows that meditation helps you stay focused longer and better

                  :London is a busy place. Learn how to disconnect and be more present



What are the benefits of meditation?

There are lots of studies out there that have shown that mindfulness and meditation can have a hugely positive impact on mental, as well as physical health. The benefits range from reducing stress, improving sleep patterns, increasing focus and improving relationships. Research has shown that meditation works, our job is to help you learn how to do it.

A sense of calm, clarity, and creativity begins to permeate your everyday experience. Life is richer, more joyful and more inspiring. It’s so easy, you can do it any time, and in any place.


This is a one-to-one personal meditations, to shed your feelings, emotions in a warm and safe environment. My 7 week course is to keep you accountable to our schedule for you to grow and not fall into old programming and pathways. We create a healthy habit that will last a Lifetime.


Looking forward welcoming you, supporting you and guiding you.

Many blessings.


7 X 60 Meditation Course

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    1 hour Session x 7 -7 weeks