25 min - online - one to one session via Zoom


Child and Parent Meditation session. Every child is unique and we can never expect a child to start with a meditation at 45-60 min. Children have short attention span and when they feel that allot of effort is placed into something new they do not enjoy the process. I have created a fun session. It is all about bringing your child's experiences and interests into a meditation. This is where the child feel they can connect with the words and enjoy the imagination of a play world through meditation. 


Children that is autistic or diagnosed with ADHD quickly relaxes when mediation is done with a fun element to it. Patience of the parent is required to ensure the environment is calm and relaxed. Bianca loves talking to other children and makes them feel comfortable and at peace. On each session both Bianca and I assist the process and make it a wonderful time to create relaxation, peace and calmness.


On each session I will also provide some guidance on how to assist your child and how

to create a peaceful environment.


What are the benefits of meditation?

There are lots of studies out there that have shown that mindfulness and meditation can have a hugely positive impact on mental, as well as physical health. The benefits range from reducing stress, improving sleep patterns, increasing focus and improving relationships. Research has shown that meditation works, our job is to help you learn how to do it. Create a close bond with your child.

A sense of calm, clarity, and creativity begins to permeate your everyday experience. Life is richer, more joyful and more inspiring. It’s so easy, you can do it any time, and in any place.


Aftercare and support given.


Looking forward welcoming you, supporting you and guiding you.

Many blessings.


25 Min Online Guided Meditation session

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