Our Chakra Healing Essential Oil Kids set is absolutly amazing with healing properties. The chakra set helps children to feel supported, calm and relaxed. Every chakra has a meaning and it is important as a parent to assist children in a natural way. Smell already creates a calmness and a feeling of hapiness. Expesically when children are stressed and aggetated. 


Each Chakra essence has a unique blend of essential oils to bring in calmness and peace. Bianca loves her set and we take it with us everywhere we go. This helps her to feel safe, calm and relaxed. 


In combination with our online meditation sessions we quickly teach children how to use the oils when they don't feel themselves. When their energy is low or their emotions are out of control. 


In the world we live in we need to ensure our children's needs are met but not with external stimuli but the internal. This brings calmness and inner peace.

Chakra Healing Essential Oil Set

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