The Miracle Bespoke Chinese Herbal Serum for treatment of acne, pigmentation and blemishes.


In Chinese Medicine we use a very special Herbal Serum that is infused with luxurious oils and Chinese herbs. The Serum will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our serum is light-weight and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is formulated with precious oils and herbs to reduce blemishes and to improve the quality of your skin.


This unique Serum will clear up the heat, remove the dry dampness, and improve the blood flow while it removes toxins from the skin.What can you expect from the Serum?


In Traditional Chinese medicine it is important to first bring all impurities to the upper layer of the skin in order to remove all impurities. The Serum will clear out the skin and at the same time repair the epidermis of the skin. It is important for you to know that the healing of the skin is something that is permanent because the treatment removes some or all of the pigmentation caused by the acne.


This is a 1 month supply - 3 months supply is needed for optimal results

TCM Miracle Acne Serum- Month Supply

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  • This is a 30 day Miracle Skin Acne Serum


    30ml - used  twise daily - morning and at night